French Broad Rafting Picture of the Day

We had a great day on the water today.  The French Broad River is running at a great level and the forecast is calling for more rain. Eighth Graders from Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando Florida loved the action on the river. Check out these pictures from Ledges Rapid. [nggallery id=6]

Frozen French Broad River

It has been pretty cold here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  You know it is cold when the French Broad River begins to ice over.  Since the French Broad River is a free flowing river, it has to be real cold for a free flowing river to freeze.  The great thing about the […]


New Outpost Will Be Ready for the 2011 Rafting Season!

As many of our guests may already know, our business was destroyed in a fire in November 2006. We lost nearly everything we had, from rafts to reservation forms. The only thing left standing was the buses (albeit with melted taillights). Since then we have been building a new outpost using the pay-as-you-go method. The goal was to build the outpost without putting […]

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month

French Broad Rafting Expeditions was recently awarded the “Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month” for December 2010.  It was accepted by one of French Broad Rafting Expeditions owners, Mitch Hampton at the Board of Directors meeting on November 23rd.  French Broad Rafting Expeditions was nominated for its contributions to the local […]

Gunnison on the River, in the Shredder

While looking through some photos from this past summer, I ran across some great pictures of an afternoon paddling trip in the Shredder with my dog Gunnison “Gunny” (and of course don’t forget the dog pfd from  Gunny is a Beagle that was rescued from the Wake County animal shelter by my sister-in-law […]