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Things We Found in the Fire

Old outpost after fire

Five years ago today our family business lost “everything” in a fire. Funny how things work though – turns out we “found” so much more that fateful day. In the sometimes difficult years that followed we have found comfort, strength and support in the countless friends, staff, customers and community that make the French Broad […]

Even Whitewater Raft Guides Have An Awards Ceremony

  Country music seems to have one every other week.  MTV has at least two or three a year.  Campaigns for the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Emmys will all be launched in earnest pretty soon, and so it was that with great anticipation and no small amount of fanfare that this years French Broad Rafting Staff […]

And Now, A Word About Our Photography Staff…

Like a lot of seasonal businesses, we employ a number of college students as summer help, and now that many of them have gone back to school we can rave about them without having them around to remind us how great we said they were  (although I suspect at least one of our summer photography staff […]

We Thought You’d Like to Know…

About all of the amazing rescue dogs at French Broad Rafting, most of whom had some pretty heartbreaking stories before meeting up with their new humans. Gunny, a purebred Beagle, was used for target practise by his previous owners, and was so incredibly shy around people  that he was considered unadoptable.  He had two hours to […]

We Thought You’d Like to Know…..

About Carl Chandler, one of our more colorful employees at French Broad Rafting.  And we’re not kidding about the colorful.  Carl not only has an assortment of 22 tattoos and a fondness for doing all kinds of crazy things with his hair (and we have the pictures to prove it!) he is also a Madison […]