FBRZ Attends Annual ACCT Zipline Conference

Robbie Oates of Phoenix Experiential Designs.
Robbie Oates of Phoenix Experiential Designs.

Every year the experts in the zipline field get together to discuss the latest research, ideas and developments in the industry. This year the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technologies) hosted the 24th Annual Conference and Exposition in Orlando, FL from January 30th through February 2nd. Owner Korey Hampton headed to the ACCT Conference to represent FBRZ this year.

About the ACCT

The ACCT writes the standards for Design, Performance, Equipment, Inspections, Operations and Training in the Zipline and Challenge Course industry. French Broad Rafting and Ziplines is an ACCT member. Their guides were trained and their course certified according to ACCT standards by Professional Vendor member (PVM) Robbie Oates of Phoenix Experiential Designs.

The ACCT Olympics! 

ACCT rope cutting
Rope Cutting!

But it’s not all “hard work and no play”, not in this line of work! Every sport has its Olympics, and Ziplining is no exception – except that we aren’t headed to Sochi just yet. The ACCT does their own version of the Olympics with teams competing in such activities as speed rope cutting (with only the use of another rope), zipline cable “whipping” – unrolling a large spool from a distance by throwing the cable a certain way and miniature zipline races with human obstacles.

ACCT zip whipping
Zip Whipping!

Zipline Networking

Swinging Tarzan - or Jane?!
Swinging Tarzan – or Jane?!

In addition to the “Olympic events”, networking opportunities, and seminars about the zipline industry, there can be nothing more fun than the real deal. So while in Florida one of the highlights of the trip was visiting an aerial adventure course called TreeUmph in Bradenton, FL. Complete with dozens of challenging and fun high elements, and even a few ziplines mixed in, it was the perfect way to “network with other zipline professionals”. Our thanks to owners Aaron and Kathy Corr for their hospitality – if your’e ever in Florida be sure to check out their course.

All told, The ACCT conference experience was a success and we look forward to next year in sunny Palm Springs, CA.