Gunnison on the River, in the Shredder

While looking through some photos from this past summer, I ran across some great pictures of an afternoon paddling trip in the Shredder with my dog Gunnison “Gunny” (and of course don’t forget the dog pfd from  Gunny is a Beagle that was rescued from the Wake County animal shelter by my sister-in-law Courtney, who is a veterinarian.  The shelter had deemed that his chances of being adopted were very slim and it was decided that he would not get more than the required three days.  But Courtney knew there was something special about this Beagle and decided to foster him until she could find him a good home.  My wife and I adopted Gunny in 2008 and cannot believe what a wonderful dog he has become.  If you get a chance please make sure that you check out your local shelter first, when looking for a pet.  If you do not know where it is, check out the links below.