Poor Boater’s Rations

At French Broad Adventures, we love trying new things. This summer we really branched out and created our own beer with the help of French Broad River Brewery. We named it ‘Poor Boater’s Rations’ – that’s what PBR really stands for. (Ok, that’s a really old raft guide joke, but we love it!)

Poor Boater’s Rations is sold all throughout Asheville at bars and restaurants and, of course, at French Broad River Brewery. It’s completely delicious, and best of all, 10% of proceeds go to the non-profit French Broad Riverkeeper. Give your liver for the river!  Drink up WNC – it’s for a good cause.

Thank you to everyone who tries our brew, and our eternal gratitude to French Broad River Brewery for helping make this dream come true!

UPDATE: Poor Boater’s Rations was a huge success! It’s unlikely that you will now be able to find it as it sold out very quickly in all the bars and restaurants that carried it. It was a limited run (so just one batch) and it was very popular. We are hoping to make this an annual thing, maybe starting earlier in the summer and running it for longer next time. Thank you all for the incredible support.

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