Rafting, Ziplines, and Beer?!

French Broad Adventure's Sourwood IPARafting, Ziplines, and Beer?! That’s right. We are embarking on yet another adventure – brewing our own beer. French Broad Adventure’s Sourwood IPA is the most adventurous beer out there. Infused with sourwood tree leaves cultivated off the zipline course, and brewed by the Zipline Guides themselves, there is a taste of adventure in every sip.

Our ‘Lead Brewer’ is Zipline Course Manager Ryan Blackmon (pictured in the slideshow below stirring the pot at the stove and recording the specific gravity of the beer). Ryan is also a beer tour guide at ‘Brews Cruise’ of Asheville and an all-around beer nerd.

Our beer is an IPA, brewed with ingredients from Asheville Brewers Supply (calypso and centennial hops specifically, and Pilsen and Munich malted barley). And of course, the ingredient that makes it special – flavor from the leaves of the Sourwood Trees that grow along our zipline course!

French Broad Adventure’s Sourwood IPA is brewed and bottled by staff and managers at French Broad Adventures including Ryan Blackmon, Peter Menzies (also pictured in the slideshow), and Korey and Mitch Hampton.

Because of local ‘dry county’ status, FBA Sourwood IPA is not available for sale… yet!

The zip guides enjoying their brew!


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