Sister Bad Habit Ale

Sister Bad Habit Ale

Sister Bad Habit, local character and member of LaZoom Comedy Tours, now has her own beer! Asheville Pizza & Brewing and the Thirsty Monk teamed up to create an amber ale named, aptly, Sister Bad Habit Ale.

To celebrate the creation of the new beer, LaZoom hosted a nun-themed Party Bus Run, which Korey and Mitch Hampton were ‘blessed’ enough to participate in.

Watch the fun here:

Korey said about her experience on the bus, “It was about three of the funniest hours of my life. We started at The Thirsty Monk and stopped and sang tunes like ‘Faith’, ‘Like a Virgin’, and ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ at multiple places through town including Asheville Pizza and Brewing, Aloft and The Bywater.”

“We also stopped briefly by Pack’s Tavern at which point a “Catholic School Girl” (a male LaZoom employee) ambushed us, but was then chased across the park and up a tree by about a dozen of our nuns waving rulers and yelling at “her.” Sister Bad Habit herself even gave out a birthday spanking (with the famous ruler) to a girl celebrating at The Bywater later in the evening – Hilarious!”

“We recommend LaZoom Tours to all our of guests because we believe that they showcase the best of what Asheville has to offer – they are creative, informative, funny – and a rollicking good time for visitors and locals alike . We’d love to congratulate them on the debut of their new beer, and compliment them on their contributions to Asheville being awarded the recent “Quirkiest City in America” award.”

Sister Bad Habit AleWant to imbibe a glass of the new ale? Bad news. The ale was so popular that it sold out in three days. Looks like Sister Bad Habit Ale is a big hit and they will have to brew more next time.

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