What Our Staff Does During the ‘Off’ Season

Our work at French Broad Adventures is seasonal. Although there are a few brave souls who will love ziplining with us in the colder months, most of our business occurs within a 6–9 month timeframe. Most of our staff have to find other work to round out their year.

For our staff members who are teachers and students, our schedule is perfect. They earn extra money with us during the summer, and have a great time while they do it! They return to the school year refreshed and ready to learn or teach.

Some of our staff members are ski and snowboard instructors both out west and locally. This is the perfect job to pair with whitewater rafting, ziplining, and canyoneering because when our season is winding down, the snow season is just beginning.

Christmas trees! North Carolina grows a lot of trees for the whole nation, including the White House Christmas trees! Some of our staff members travel to the Boone area each year and work on cutting down, wrapping, and prepping Christmas trees. They then load them up and hit the road to set up a tent and sell the trees in Florida, Ohio, etc.

Migrant farming – from blueberries to rice – also plays a big role in the lives or our staff.

Many of our staff love whitewater rafting so much, they choose to raft on their downtime as well. They take months-long boating trips, and eat Ramen for the rest of the year!

Interested in learning more about our staff? Find out what they do for fun!

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