Our trips go out – rain or shine!

We get asked this question all of the time: “Will my trip get cancelled if it rains?”  

The short answer: No. Our trips go out, rain or shine!

When it comes to whitewater rafting and canyoneering, you are going to get wet on your trip regardless of the weather. Even with ziplining, the rain can often make the adventure even more fun! It is the case that we may cancel a trip due to severe weather such as lightning or high winds, but we monitor storms very closely, tracking any potential for danger.

For this reason, we ask that you always come prepared for any weather scenario. If you are whitewater rafting or canyoneering, we always recommend that you wear clothing that will breathe well and dry quickly. This essentially means no cotton. In the Summer, we suggest wearing a swim-suit with a t-shirt or tank top. In the Spring and Fall, we suggest bringing multiple layers consisting of wool or synthetic material (i.e. polyester, nylon or dry-fit). If you are ziplining, we recommend that you bring a rain jacket if there is a chance of precipitation in the forecast.

So now you know! Part of adventuring in nature means getting exposed to all of the elements. As long as you come prepared, you are guaranteed to have a great time –  rain or shine!

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