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astral designs logoIf you’ve spent anytime with the French Broad Adventures crew, you know we love supporting local businesses. Black Dome Mountain Sports, The Hop, Rosetta’s Kitchen, Roots Hummus, Blue Ridge BiofuelsLaZoom Comedy ToursAsheville Brewery Tours, and Asheville Food Tours are just some of the local businesses we work and play with. Now, we can add another awesome local company to the list: Astral Designs

We’ve added canyoneering to our offerings, and Astral Designs makes the very best shoes for outdoor activity. All of our guides and guests will be wearing Astrals on canyoneering trips. Guides are required to have their own Astral shoes, and we will outfit guests with them when they arrive at Black Dome to get geared up. We are so sure that Astrals are the best and only option on wet, slippery rocks that we aren’t risking our guests’ safety by wearing anything but the best! (Canyoneering guests will even have the option to buy Astrals at Black Dome after their trip, at a discount.)

A Little More About Astral Designs from Philip Curry (founder and CEO of Astral Designs)

astral designs CEO

In 1999, I sold my first business to Patagonia, traveled awhile and then became a full time biodynamic farmer. A question nagged at me: Could I protect more land and water by farming this small farm, or by getting back in to the outdoor equipment business?

In 2002, I began Astral. We were deeply committed to building the best performing products for wilderness athletes, and we focused on building them in the least toxic, lowest impact way. I loved creating a company where cool, creative people could work together to benefit nature.

Since then we’ve grown a lot and done good things along the way. We basically eliminated toxic PVC foam from the PFD industry, invented breathable lifejackets, won awards for our paradigm changing footwear designs, and we’ve developed the stickiest rubber ever worn on wet rock – just to name a few.

Our story is unique in a market dominated by huge corporations. We put nature first in all our business and product decisions.

We make our products in the best factories and we live near them. We are committed to sustainable business and products that last. In the most simple terms, we are athletes, artists and craftspeople. With your support we will continue to build the cleanest, most beautiful and highest performing products you can buy…. And we promise to always put Nature First.

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