We Thought You’d Like to Know…

About all of the amazing rescue dogs at French Broad Rafting, most of whom had some pretty heartbreaking stories before meeting up with their new humans.

Gunny, a purebred Beagle, was used for target practise by his previous owners, and was so incredibly shy around people  that he was considered unadoptable.  He had two hours to live before being scheduled to be put down, when Korey’s sister, a veterinarian on rotation at the animal shelter where Gunny had been housed, called to ask Korey to adopt him.  

Shady is another dog adopted by Mitch and Korey Hampton after Korey found him at the school she was attending. He’s called Shady because he’s not very fond of anyone but Mitch and Korey, so he’s considered a “shady character”

Gizzie, a purebred Shizh Tsu, was found sitting beside an isolated mountain road in two feet of snow one afternoon last December where she’d been dumped by her previous owners.  She was matted, thin and in heat, and the veterinarian said she wouldn’t have lasted the night had she not been found and brought in for treatment.    Raft guide Michael Witt, who is Gizzie’s devoted owner,  still finds it incredible that such a tiny dog could have such a gigantic personality, because she really is one in a million.

Woo was rescued by Marti King from the Madison County Animal Shelter after she was turned in for being “too active”.  Woo appears to be a Boxer/Ridgeback mix and while she certainly has a lot of energy, she is also the kind of dog who can be, and is, extremely chill when the occasion warrants it.  She started going on the river with Marti when she was just a pup, and, at a year and a half old, she is a seasoned rafter with her own PFD!

Maddie was adopted from the Brother Wolf Rescue not quite a year ago.  Her mother abandoned the litter when Maddie was a pup, and while she was found on the road to  the river less than a quarter of a mile from the outpost, but she was taken to a shelter nearly an hour and a half away.  She is a beagle/lab mix and quite the snuggler, and one of the few people Gunny trusts enough to curl up with for an afternoon snooze.

Pisgah belongs to Tim Ramsey, who found him eleven years ago on a hiking trail in the Pisgah Forest.  Tim says that Pisgah was so tiny he fit in the palm of Tim’s hands, and while he had absolutely no idea how a pup that small got that far into the forest, Tim immediately took him home.  Eleven years later, they are still together and they both still work the ladies!

Sho belongs to Amos McGregor, who first saw her at a party where her owner had brought her.  The owner admitted that they  really couldn’t take care of her, so Amos adopted her on the spot. 

It would be easy to say that we were the ones who saved these beautiful animals, but the truth is, there isn’t a raft guide out there who wouldn’t want to trade places with their dogs, because WE are the ones who have gained the most most from the love and devotion of the rescue dogs who found their way into our lives.