Zip and Dip


At French Broad Adventures, we don’t believe you can get ‘too much of a good thing’ when it comes to rafting, ziplining, and taking in the scenery of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and French Broad River Valley.

So, we’re offering our Summer Zip and Dip Package at only $120.70/person!

This special includes a morning zipline tour while the mountain air is still cool, followed by an afternoon rafting trip to be on the water during the hotter part of the day. Both trips must be done on the same day to qualify for the special. Please call the number below to schedule this special so we can make sure you will have plenty of time in between trips to grab lunch and gear up.

Get out and enjoy nature, and really experience our glorious summer weather – guaranteed to make you ooh and aah!

Book your adventure - give us a call at 800-570-7238