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Fall Foliage in the Blue Ridge Mountains

fall foliage blue ridge mountains

Western North Carolina has some of the most spectacular fall foliage in the country. The Blue Ridge Mountains has one of the longest and most vibrant leaf seasons due to high elevations, and more than 100 species of leaf shedding trees. Our leaf season draws thousands of people to WNC every year, but we have […]

Sister Bad Habit Ale

Sister Bad Habit Ale

Sister Bad Habit, local character and member of LaZoom Comedy Tours, now has her own beer! Asheville Pizza & Brewing and the Thirsty Monk teamed up to create an amber ale named, aptly, Sister Bad Habit Ale. To celebrate the creation of the new beer, LaZoom hosted a nun-themed Party Bus Run, which Korey and […]

Summer 2014 in Photos!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in our case it is definitely true! We had an amazing summer – as you can see from the following photos. Enjoy!

Can the Staff Tell the Twins Apart?

M&M 4

Twins are fun. Unless you can’t tell them apart, then they are the ones having all the fun. They tell us that they’ve never played tricks on people or pretended to be “the other twin” to get a laugh. We don’t believe them. As twins go, Michael and Mitch are pretty darn identical. Most of […]

Annual Dress Up Day 2014


We love to dress up in costume – and we love rafting and ziplining – so every year we dress up and surprise our guests! What’s more fun than rafting and ziplining? Rafting and ziplining in COSTUME! Click on a photo below to view the gallery.