Safety & Accreditation

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French Broad Adventures has a long history in the outdoor industry. Starting as a small, family company called French Broad Rafting in 1981, we are as committed to your safety today as we were then. But a lot has changed, and improved, in 40+ years – new gear, new hardware and new certifications to name a few.

There is inherent risk in any outdoor activity, but we believe that the only thing more important than providing your family with an exciting and memorable adventure is mitigating and managing the potential risk. Your family’s safety is our family's mission!

In 2020 the zipline canopy tour at French Broad Adventures became the world's first Accredited Operation with the Association of Challenge Course Technology, ACCT.

Industry Leaders

North Carolina Aerial Adventure Association
  • Owner/Operator Korey C. Hampton is an ACCT Certified Professional Inspector. In addition to inspections at FBA, she inspects courses around the country through her work with Challenge Towers, an ACCT Professional Vendor Member (PVM). She is also a Trainer, teaching new and experienced guides, and an ACCT-approved Operational Reviewer, evaluating ziplines and challenge courses for compliance with ACCT Operational Standards and recommending areas for improvements in safety and risk management.
  • FBA is a member of NCAAA, the North Carolina state organization for ziplines, challenge courses, and aerial adventure parks.
  • FBA is a member of the ACCT, the world’s leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the zip line/challenge course industry.
  • FBA was the first ACCT-Accredited Organization, going through a lengthy process to demonstrate that we are an organization that serves the general public through a commitment to quality, professional conduct, business practices, and ongoing use and adherence to industry operations standards.
  • Korey is currently serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors at the ACCT.

Safety is Our Priority


  • Our zipline canopy tour received an acceptance inspection when it was first built, and it is inspected annually by a third-party ACCT Professional Vendor Member (PVM) to assure that it meets all design and performance standards set forth by the Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT).
  • We also have a third party Professional Vendor Member (PVM) perform periodic Operational Reviews to assure that we are meeting ACCT standards for operational procedures.
  • In addition to our yearly third party inspection we do an in-house, pre-use course inspection every single day that we have guests on tour. We also do an additional in-depth course inspection every month to monitor course components and hardware.
  • All customer and guide equipment (i.e. harnesses and helmets) are inspected before every use. We also do an additional in-depth gear inspection every other month.
  • All guides must complete a comprehensive training and evaluation process before they begin guiding tours. Additionally, all zipline guides are required to complete periodic refresher trainings for skills such as rescue techniques and emergency response.
  • All of our Guides have First Aid and CPR certifications, and some have more advanced certifications such as WFA (Wilderness First Aid) and WFR (Wilderness First Responder).
  • We have a ground-based zipline for guest instruction purposes prior to the tour. At “Ground School” the guides demonstrate and instruct guests on appropriate zipping procedures and give them an overview of what to do and what to expect.
  • Our guides are trained to do all of the clipping and unclipping, so that guests don’t have to be concerned with how to stay securely clipped in to the system at all times.
zipline safety practices


Our whitewater rafting guides are some of the most experienced guides in the industry, most with multiple years of experience. Some of our guides have been with us since the company launched several decades ago.

  • All of our guides have First Aid and CPR certifications, and our trip leaders have advanced medical certifications and Swift Water Rescue training.
  • We will give you instructions before you get on the river with us. Our guides are trained to 'show you the ropes' before you begin your adventure. Among other things, they will show you how to paddle, how to brace in the raft, and how to float in the river.
  • We teach the class! Owners Mitch, Korey, and Michael Hampton, along with some of our Senior Guides, teach Whitewater Rafting classes at a nearby college.
  • We are members of the America Outdoors Association – the international trade association for the world’s finest adventure travel outfitters.