Asheville Wellness Tours

asheville wellness tours There are so many amazing things to see and do in Asheville that the choices can get overwhelming. And the last thing you want to feel while vacationing or taking a much-deserved day off is stressed. Enter our new partner: Asheville Wellness Tours!

Asheville Wellness Tours showcases some of the things that make our area so special while pairing them with relaxing and refreshing experiences. Their goal is not for you to see every single sight in Asheville. Rather, their hope is that you leave with a deeper, more personal connection to our little mountain town.

Asheville Wellness Walking Tours

A walking tour with a wellness twist! Experience Asheville’s unique culture on a lighthearted journey through downtown. Explore surprising avenues to wellness as your local guide shares Asheville’s fascinating history along the way. Learn from experts at unique local businesses and pause to center yourself with a yoga session in the park. Leave feeling refreshed & rejuvenated with a deeper connection to what makes this mountain town so special.

Yoga on the Mountain Hikes

What’s better than a rejuvenating yoga session? How about yoga atop a mountain surrounded by incredible views of the Blue Ridge Mountains?! Yoga on the Mountain Hikes include a 2-mile round-trip hike to a mountaintop and an hour of yoga for all levels at the summit. (Asheville Wellness Tours brings the mats.) We encourage participants to reconnect with themselves, nature, and their surroundings.

All of Asheville Wellness Tours include a local guide who serves as a resource for guests.

Do the above experiences sound appealing, but you had something else in mind? Asheville Wellness Tours can custom craft a wellness itinerary just for you!


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