How do I prepare for my Asheville Zipline Adventure?

Asheville Zipline AdventureYou’re going ziplining in Asheville with French Broad Adventures! Awesome. We want to help you plan and prepare so you can have the adventure of a lifetime. What to wear? What to bring? When to show up? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Before you book your trip, please read and be sure you fulfill our Participant Requirements.

On the day of your ziplining trip:

  • Arrive at the designated outpost 30 minutes prior to your trip time.
  • Check in at the store to complete your waivers and get geared up for your trip.
  • Lock everything in your car and your lead guide will collect your car keys so that we can keep them safe in the store during your trip.

What should I wear?

  • Close-toed shoes ARE REQUIRED.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather, we suggest bringing multiple layers on colder days.
  • As a general rule thinner and less bulky clothing is preferable as loose or thick clothing can interfere with safety equipment.
  • Normal street clothes are fine, however modest clothing is encouraged for comfort.

Every participant will be wearing a full-body harness that wraps around the legs and goes over the shoulders. Although a tee shirt or tank top is fine, a shirt with a collar may be more comfortable as it offers some protection from the possibility of the shoulder straps rubbing on your neck. Longer shorts or light pants are recommended as well to help with the comfort of the leg straps. We strongly suggest guests refrain from wearing short shorts.

What should I bring?

Please bring any medication that you may need immediate access to while on the trip such as an asthma inhaler, EpiPen or diabetic glucose.

Otherwise, we ask that you do not bring anything with you, as items dropped from the course cannot be retrieved. We will provide a secure place for you to store your keys while on the trip. Additionally, we will offer a water break during your trip.

If you wear glasses we suggest a strap for them (these can be bought in the store if you don’t have one).

If you would like to bring a small camera please make sure you have a strap for it so that you have use of both hands at all times.

I’m a little nervous about my ziplining trip. Should I be concerned about my safety?

If you’ve never been ziplining, it is completely reasonable to be a little nervous. But, let us put your worries at ease. We believe that the only thing more important than providing your family with an exciting and memorable adventure is mitigating and managing any potential risk. Your family’s safety is our number one priority!

You can read about our Zipline Safety Practices here.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: (800) 570-7238

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