Zipline Safety and Inspections

There are many different types of inspections going on all the time at French Broad Adventures. They can be divided in to a few basic types: structural (the course), operational, gear (harnesses, helmets, etc) and trees. Each of these happens at prescribed intervals: daily, monthly, periodic and yearly or every third year.

Daily Inspections

We inspect all gear being used, and the course itself – every. single. day.

Monthly Inspections

During our monthly inspections, we do a more intense evaluation of what we do in our daily inspections. We take everything apart, examine it, and wash it, before putting it all back together again. We do the same thing for the course. We walk the entire course, looking at anchors, inspecting trees, torqueing bolts, etc. We have certified ACCT Level 1 In-House inspectors on staff – so they go through everything with a fine-toothed comb.

Periodic Inspections

After a storm or any significant event, we do an inspection equivalent to our regular monthly inspections.

Annual Inspections

Our annual structural inspections are done by an ACCT certified inspector from a third party. This brings fresh eyes to everything, and makes sure that we are on top of our game. Gear, paperwork, the course – they look at everything, ask lots of questions, and give recommendations on how we can improve.

We also do an annual in-depth tree inspection. Our arborist is an ISA-certified Tree Risk Assessor and is a leader in the field of zip line and aerial adventure park tree care. He inspects all the trees on course, as well as the surrounding forest, and even takes tomographs of critical trees (like a fancy tree x-ray).

Every Third Year Inspections

Every third year, we do an operational inspection. We bring in an ACCT-certified PVM to review how we run our day-to-day operations. They examine things like our policies and procedures, risk mitigation strategies, documentation procedures, training programs, and inspection protocol. We even have them send out a secret shopper trip to make sure our standards and customer service are the very best, and see if there’s anything we can improve on.

Why are we so thorough about inspecting our zipline course? We want you to feel absolutely comfortable on your zipline canopy tour. Safety is our number one priority. We take care of everything so that all you have to do is strap in and fly!

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